Grinder, Weld And Plasma Spatter Removal

Expert Removers of Grinder, Weld & Plasma Spatter Damage

Classed as one of the most severe damage made to glass, grinder, weld and plasma spatter is a common occurrence on commercial sites. Chicago Glass are able to help remove the spatter damage.

The glass polishers at Chicago Glass are very successful at the art of removing the damage caused to glass by grinder and weld spatter or plasma cutting, from small areas of damage, to roof glass panels heavily covered in spatter.  We are just a phone call away to help you restore your in-situ glass.

A very common occurrence during plasma cutting, angle grinding and welding, is the creation of spatter.  The amount of spatter can be reduced by changing techniques and equipment, but, regrettably, there are still those occasions where the particles cause damage to the surface, such as glass, which is within close proximity.

Using our two stage process, Chicago Glass can restore the damage created on the glass.

The process of removing grinder, weld and grinder spatter to achieve clear glass, consists of two stages, of which Chicago Glass are pleased to offer both. The first stage involves the removal of all the metal particles imbedded in the glass and then chemically cleaning the damaged area to remove any remaining metal oxides, burn marks or stains.  This leaves the glass with small white frosted dots where the hot metal has burnt into the surface.  The second stage is to remove these frosted dots by abraiding the surface of glass to the bottom of the dots and then polishing clear with a compound, to leave the result of clear glass.

Chicago Glass highly recommends that if you have plasma, weld and grinder spatter that you to complete the first stage of chemically cleaning the glass as soon as possible.  This will stop the metal oxidising and tarnishing of the glass over time due to weathering/cleaning. 

When you call us, or on your call back request you can advise how the spatter was caused, the proximity to the glass and the area of damage, we shall be able to 99% of the time provide a quotation over the phone. For more severe damage, we can carry an assessment of the damage on-site.

Chicago Glass - expert removers of grinder, weld and plasma spatter, across the UK