Our Glass Polishing & Restoration Services

Our focus is on providing high quality on-site glass repairs.  We are pleased to be able to provide a range of glass repair services to suit the type of damage you are faced with.

We recognise that damaged glass is not accounted for in any situation.  Created to resolve glass damage we are pleased to provide a range of glass repair services.  Our service is not of a glass replacement, if you require a new panel of glass please contact a local glazier, we offer an alternative option to undergoing the time and expense of replacing the glass - restoration. 

Our main customers are from within the construction and trade sector, however our services are not restricted to sectors, size or location and we offer our services to anyone looking to repair damaged glass.  Our technicians make repairs to glass panels such as curtain walling, windows, balustrades, internal glass partitions, bi-fold doors, shop front windows, entrance doors, display cabinets, lift mirrors and walk on floors.

We have a team of highly skilled glass polishers strategically placed around England, Wales and Scotland that are able to come to your site, workplace, or home and restore your glass.  We can respond to a timeframe suitable to yourself and believe we charge a fair price for the services we can offer you.

Our portfolio of glass polishing and restoration services includes the following, however we are happy to discuss any type of glass repair with you.

  • Scratched Glass Repair - Glass facades, structural glass, curtain walls, balustrades, to just about any window or glass surface, on a day to day basis our technicians repair glass that has been scratched. Read more about this service.
  • Chip & Shell Glass Repairs - From small shells and chips to larger edge damage, our highly skilled glass restorers can repair the profile and structural integrity of your glass on-site. Read more about how we can help.
  • Cracked Glass Repairs - Commonly caused by stresses in the glass, we can restore the structural integrity and profile of a cracked glass panel. Read more about our Cracked Glass Repairs.
  • Grinder, Weld and Plasma Spatter Removal from Glass- Classed as one of the most severe of damage to glass, it is a common occurrence especially on commercial sites. Read more to find out how Chicago Glass can help with Spatter Removal.
  • Etched and Acid Etched Graffiti Removal from Glass - Commonly seen in the retail and public transport sectors, Chicago Glass can remove your unwanted graffiti damage.  Read more about our Graffiti removal services.
  • Surface Contamination Removal from Glass - Offering specialist cleaning services, for those strongly adhered deposits on your glass. Read more about this service.
  • Kite Marks and Glass Etching Services - Complying with industry standards, we can remove defaced or obstructed kite marks, and re-apply them using our glass etching service.  Read more here.

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Chicago Glass - offering a range of glass repair services to repair damaged glass.