Etched & Acid Etched Graffiti Removal

Providing both Etched & Acid Etched Graffiti Removal

A common occurrence, especially in the retail and public transport sectors, Chicago Glass can remove your unwanted graffiti damage.

Graffiti damage to in-situ glass is very common, especially on retail units.  Chicago Glass can remove your unwanted graffiti damage, offering you an alternative solution to replacing the glass. On a day to day basis, our highly experienced glass polishers restore graffiti damaged shopfront panels, entrance doors and glass balustrades.

Etched Graffiti

Etched Graffiti is primarily caused on purpose by vandals using glass cutters, carbide probes or spark plugs.  However, pushchairs, bicycles and diamond rings can leave etched damage in glass. 

Chicago Glass can remove this damage, using the same unique glass polishing system for scratched glass removal to restore your glass back to the exacting BSI standards of the appearance of installed glass.


Acid Etched Graffiti Removal

Acid Etched Graffiti

Caused when vandals use hydrofluoric acid mixed with either shoe polish or acetone in a shoe cleaning dispensing bottle.  This creates a much wider band of graffiti, sometimes coloured, which etches into the glass and forms a hard crust on the surface.

Chicago Glass remove this damage by chemically neutralising and removing the crust from the surface to reveal the acid etching in the glass, which is then polished out to leave a distortion free, smooth, clear surface.

Graffiti Gone

When graffiti spread into Europe in the 1980’s, companies became more responsive to the standard paint graffiti and the vandals moved to etching and even acid graffiti.  At the time, this was more of a challenge to remove and resulted in expensive glass replacement.

After working closely with London Underground in 2002, concerning etched graffiti on their metro cars and station buildings, Chicago Glass pioneered a solution to address this problem, inventing Graffiti Gone in 2003.

After removing the graffiti damage, and restoring it to clear glass, Graffiti Gone, a clear window film, is applied to the glass.  If the glass were re-blighted with graffiti, the Graffiti Gone film is simply removed and replaced. 

Graffiti Gone has been used on many buses, trains and metro cars across Europe, and is now also applied to shopfronts and office buildings.  It is no longer a process restricted to public transport companies.

This process was subject to a patent in June 2003, which has now been extended to cover Europe and the USA. The patent application number is 042534693.

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