Cracked Glass Repair

Specialists in Restoring Cracked Architectural Glass

Commonly caused by stresses in the glass, Chicago Glass is able to restore the structural integrity and profile of your cracked glass panel. 

Our team of glass restorers have undertaken repairs to cracked architectural glazing varying in length and glass type. Generally occurring when the glass is under stress or has suffered an impact, cracked glass can happen on any glass panel, at any given time.

Where the glass is not broken or shattered, our highly skilled glass restorers undertake repairs on-site using UV cured resins.  These are injected into the damage to leave a smooth, clear and safe finish that is both structurally stable and reduces the risk of the damage spreading. 

Regrettably we are unable to assist where the crack is on:

  • a vehicle window,
  • where the crack goes edge to edge, corner to corner,
  • on kitchen appliances,
  • single pane shopfront windows,
  • on mirrored glass, or
  • where the glass is broken or shattered.

Cracked Glass Repairs

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