Chipped Glass And Shelled Glass Repairs

Pioneers of Chipped and Shelled Glass Repairs

From small chips and shells to larger edge damage, our highly skilled glass restorers can repair the profile and structural integrity of your glass on-site.

Chicago Glass pioneered the repair of chipped and shelled glass (impact damaged glass) over 25 years ago. With glass chip and shell repairs being extremely common, our very successful process has saved many of our customers a considerable amount of money, and reduced the time and inconvenience of replacing the glass to an absolute minimum.

Our repair system enables our glass restorers to rebuild the damaged glass, reinstating the profile and returning the glass surface to its original smooth finish.   Chip and shell repairs are undertaken on-site using UV cured resins, injected into the damage to leave a smooth, clear and safe finish that is both structurally stable and reduces the risk of the damage spreading.

BSI tests confirms that Chicago Glass resin repairs restore 98.3% of the structural strength, and has less than 2% optical distortion and matches the transparency of the original glass.  The finish is safe, smooth and the original profile restored.

Chicago Glass - providing glass chip and shell repair services across the UK