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Offering Property Management Companies a Range of Glass Repair Solutions

Chicago Glass are trusted glass polishers and restoration specialists. We provide a wide selection of services to restore damaged glass, be in the home, office, restaurant or retail outlet.

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If you have been approached by your tenant advising that they have glass damage, either in the form of a scratched glass panel, etched or acid etched graffiti damage to their retail/restaurant frontage or a chipped, shelled or cracked glass panel the team at Chicago Glass can help. 

Chicago Glass was created to resolve glass damage, offering property management companies with an alternative option to undergoing the time and expense of changing the damaged glass panel.  We have over 25 years expertise in glass polishing and glass restoration and our portfolio of services now includes but is not limited to, removal of scratches from glass, rebuilding glass that has been chipped or cracked, restoring the appearance of glass that has been vandalised with acid or acid etched graffiti, or contaminated with organic or inorganic matter. We can also restore glass that has been damaged by weld or grinder spatter.  

Chicago Glass our technicians will come and repair the glass on-site without the need to remove the glass and can work to a timeframe to suit you and your client, including evenings and weekends.

All our polished glass is guaranteed to meet the exacting BSI standards for the appearance of installed glass and will ensure that the structure and integrity of the glass is restored where impact damage has occured.

We can attend the property you are managing either as a one off call, or as a planned maintenance programme. If you are interested in finding out more about our planned maintenance programmes, please give us a call 01634 735 616.

We can work to your convenience

If the damaged glass is within an office, at a retail outlet or restaurant where working within hours could be problematic then we can arrange for our technicians to attend outside of our normal working hours, including evenings, night work or even weekends.

Take a look at the services we provide:

Chicago Glass - providing glass scratch removal and glass repairs to property management companies.

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