FAQs Specific to Glass Polishing (Scratches etc)



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There are very few occasions where we have been unable to polish out your glass scratches.  As a guideline, although this is not always the case, we are unable to polish scratches when any of the following apply;

  • the glass is under the size of an A4 piece of paper
  • the glass is textured 
  • scratches closer than 20mm to the edge of the frame (unless de-glazed), and 50mm to the corners


Yes, we have a large team of glass polishers and resin repair specialists based in and around London.  With such a large team we are able to react extremely quickly to our clients’ needs, often being on-site the next day.

We do not charge extra for congestion charges or parking.


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Scratches can be removed from most types of glass, we guarantee to restore the finish to the British Standards for the appearance of newly installed glass. 

No, polishing the glass will not compromise its integrity.  However, if upon consultation we thought otherwise the attending glass technician would advise prior to commencing.

Yes, glass can break.  We avoid polishing within 20mm of the perimeter in case there is underlying damage under the framework, as this could lead to a breakage.  We will always advise you of the risks if your damage is on a certain type of glass.

Due to this, we can not resolve sandpaper scratches around the edges of the glass.

If your new windows are scratched, give us a call and we can talk through our glass polishing service we can offer, from how we work, cost and availability. All our quotations are free, and with no obligation.


We have attended properties where the homeowners have advised us that the scratches have been caused by their dogs. So I would say that this can be the case. Call our UK Based team to discuss our scratched glass repair (glass polishing) service on 01634 735 616 to discuss how we can help you.  


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