FAQs - Generic Glass Repair Questions

Our technicians have a wealth of experience restoring damaged glass in-situ, from scratches to chips and damage caused by grind and weld spatter.  If you are unsure, simply give one of our team a call to discuss your situation further.

We will always be honest and open with you. If we are unable to restore your glass damage we shall let you know. We do not aim to undertake any job where the risk of breakage is high, unless we have your agreement stating that you would like us to try. 

In addition, if in our opinion the cost of the restoration is more expensive than changing the damaged glass panel we shall advise you of this.

On the very odd occasion, yes.  This is very rare and we shall always highlight this prior to carrying out any restoration.  If we believe there is a high risk of breakage, we shall only proceed with the works with your consent.

When glass is scratched, chipped or cracked, its integrity is weakened, which on the rare occasion can cause it to fail when being worked upon.  It is because of this that we make you aware of the risks prior to carrying out any repairs. 

However, our glass restoration services are often by far the most economical solution, with a failure rate of less than 0.1% of the work we carry out.

The length of time our technicians are on-site depends on the type of damage, the severity of the damage and the area of the damage.  We provide our technicians with the best in-house training and products available, enabling them to work at optimum efficiency at a very high level of standards.

We offer minor chip restoration to mirrors in a commercial setting, i.e. restaurants, leisure centres, hotels and lifts.

Our technicians can restore minor chips however, due to the nature of the mirror, these will be visible, but will repair the profile and structure of the glass. We cannot repair mirrors which have cracks within them.

We can remove scratches within mirrored glass, but this poses a higher risk for glass failure.  Our sales team will be happy to explain this further. 

If you can send a photograph of the damage to info@scratchremovers.co.uk our technical department can take a look and advise how we can help.

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