FAQ - Chips & Shells

Frequently Asked Questions about our Chip and Shell Glass Repair Services

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our chip and shell resin repair services.

How visible the repair is will depend on the severity of the damage.  All repairs will have a join line//scarring where the resin bonds to the glass.  The structural integrity and profile of the glass will be restored.

Our technicians will not require access to power for our equipment.  All our equipment for these repairs are battery operated.

Whilst it is possible to repair glass chips on sinks, we must make you aware that they will be very visible repairs and will need to be treated with respect. No harsh chemicals or scrubbing can be carried out in this area following the repair.

Our technicians can repair minor damages to mirrors within a commercial setting, such as a leisure centre, hotel, restaurants or lifts.  We do not carry out repairs to mirrored furniture.

See our dedicated mirror page for more information on this service.

We can on occassions repair small minor chips and edge damage to hobs.  We kindly ask you to send us a photograph of the damage to see if we are able to assist.


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