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Chicago Glass can help remove any imperfections in your glass both prior to installation and after, reducing your wastage and scrap ratios.

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Chicago Glass have decades of experience in working on glass repairs and was created to resolve glass damage issues. We offer a wide range of on-site glass restoration solutions. We have a large team of highly skilled polishers enabling us to come to your factory to repair imperfections prior to installation or to the property where the glass has been installed.

Our technicians are specialists in removing scratches in glassmisplaced kite marksgrinder and weld spatter, and damage caused by the manufacturing process along with repairing shelled, chipped or cracked glass.  Even if you do not think the glass can be restored, give us a call to see if we can help. 

All of our polished glass is guaranteed to meet the exacting BSI standards for the appearance of installed glass.

We can respond to a timeframe suitable to yourself or your clients, and believe we charge a fair price for the services we offer to repair the imperfections in the glass.

Glass Repairs prior to installation

We realise that on occassion glass can be damaged during the production, handling or finishing process.  We can remove unwanted imperfections such as scratches, roller marks and misplaced kite marks, avoiding the wastage of added value glass and reducing scrap ratios.

Chicago Glass technicians are able to come to your factory and repair any imperfections in your glass, prior to installation.  Our technicians can work on glass both in frames and out of frames.

Glass Repairs to glass in-situ

We are also able to repair any glass damage to glass you may have already installed in both business and residential properties.

Take a look at the services that we offer:

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