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Starting Out

Chicago Glass was set up specifically to address a fast growing form of vandalism spreading across the UK.  Vandals were scratching their “tags” (graffiti) into glass shopfronts and bus/train windows in the knowledge that this type of damage was permanent and the only way to get rid of it was to replace the glass.  Chicago Glass spent 3 years developing a process for addressing the problem.  The idea of hazing out the tags to leave a frosted glass appearance and developing a new type of window film with thick adhesive that wicks into the frosting to leave a clear glass finish was patented.  For the next 3 years Chicago Glass were working at most of the bus garages in London either treating and/or filming the damaged glass and operating a maintenance programme with them. 

Why the Name Chicago Glass?

This form of vandalism was introduced into the UK from USA and Chicago was considered to be the hot bed for graffiti and this was the reason to name the new business Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd.


Chicago Glass expanded their business to filming all of the new trains, tubes, and buses working in London.  As the graffiti problem receded Chicago Glass needed to find new work for their technicians and developed a new productive system for polishing out scratches without any distortion.  The quality was good but the productivity was low,  over the years the productivity has grown to the point we achieve in a day a workload that used to take a week, but with the same high quality of workmanship.

Where we are Today

Chicago Glass is today the largest glass restoration company in the UK.   Our technicians work across England and internationally, fully supported by a dedicated customer service team at the Company’s’ Head Office in Rochester, Kent.

We have solutions for most of the on-site problems clients get with glass including repairing chips and cracks, bevelling glass and refinishing PVB interlayer edge profiles, removing contaminant such as grinder or weld spatter as well as aluminium or lime scale stains and polishing out scratches as deep as etched graffiti which is where it all started.

Chicago Glass also introduced an Architectural Spraying Division specialising in repairing damaged metal frames and cladding on buildings whose powder coated and anodised finish have been damaged on-site.

What does Alan Button Believe is the Success of the Business?

I believe the success of Chicago Glass is down to our innovating solutions to long standing problems on-site with glass and metal finishes, having a very large team of technicians, more than half who have been with us for more than 10 years, enabling us to react very quickly and recognising that quality of the finished product is the most important aspect of business.

Chicago Glass becomes an Employee Owned Company

In October 2020, Chicago Glass became an Employee Owned Company.  You can read more about the handover here.

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