HVLP System

This paint spraying system uses technology to produce a High Volume of air at a Low pneumatic Pressure to transfer liquids onto a designated surface.

The HVLP System is lightweight and compact, allowing our paint spraying technicians to come to site and undertake repairs.  This takes away the cost of removing and installing damaged panels, after repairs.

What are the Benefits of the HVLP System?

  • An Increased Transfer Efficiency, equalling Less Wastage - Compared to older high pressure technology systems, the HVLP system has increased transference rate due to the way the paint particles are leaving the gun.  This subsequently sees the paint transferring to the relevant material instead of becoming airborne, and in turn reduces the amount of wasted paint.
  • More Accuracy - Atomisation occurs at a slower speed in HVLP compared to some other paint spraying systems, this finesse, allows our technicians to be more accurate and produce less overspray.
  • A Friendlier System for the Environment - With more of the paint particles reaching the material, this system sees a decrease in air pollution from the airborne paint particles, making the system friendlier for the environment.

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