Scratched Glass Repair

Established Scratched Glass Repair Company

Removing Light Surface Scratches to Deeper Etched Scratches on In-Situ Glass Panels.

Chicago Glass are one of the leaders in repairing glass with scratch damage.  We work closely with companies in the construction and trade industries to repair in-situ scratched glass panels, offering you an alternative cost effective solution to replacing the damaged glass panels.  Our technicians are also able to repair scratched glass on business and residential premises along with superyachts and public transport vehicles.

Our technicians remove scratch damage from all types of glass, including but not limited to: glass facades, structural glass, curtain walling, balustrade panels, windows, entrance doors, accessible glass roofs and walk on floors.

From a small light surface scratch, to heavy scratching across a glass panel, our large team of glass polishing technician’s use our unique glass polishing system to remove the scratch damage found on your glass.  This system restores the glass to the required standards for the appearance of newly installed glass.

Why Repair Scratched Glass?

  • There is no need to remove the glass, our technicians polish out scratch damage with the glass in-situ.
  • With our strategically placed technicians, our glass polishing technicians can be on-site to remove unwanted scratch damage quickly and at a convenient time to suit you.
  • Our technicians undergo intensive in-house training to ensure optimum efficiency, high standards of work and safety, we believe we offer great value for the services we provide, which is more often than not far cheaper and quicker than the cost of replacement glass and lead in time.
  • All our polished glass is guaranteed to meet the exacting BSI standard for the appearance of newly installed glass

Take the Next Step in Getting Your Scratched Glass Repaired

Please use our request a call back form found on this page or contact us. We provide free advice on the most economical solution to your glass problems.

If you can provide the following information about the damage, this will help us in providing you with a quotation.

  • The number of glass panels affected
  • The length of the scratch(es) or how many A4 pieces of pages would cover the scratch damage
  • The type of glass (if known)
  • If the scratch damage is on the internal or external face of the glass.

Regrettably there are some limitations to removing scratches from glass, however, each situation is different.  Our expert team are happy to discuss your situation with you and the solutions available to you.

  • The glass needs to be at least the size of an A4 piece of paper
  • The glass needs to be securely fitted within its frame
  • Single pane glass is a minimum of 4mm thick
  • Scratches 20mm or closer to the edge on glass placed within a frame
  • Scratches on stained or textured surface
  • Scratches on fish tanks/aquariums (except large bespoke installed aquariums)

Chicago Glass – a Leading Scratched Glass Repair Company Working in London and Across Mainland UK.