Glass Polishers & Repair Specialists for the Construction Sector

Damaged glass on-site? From scratches, weld/grinder spatter to impact damages, we offer an alternative solution to replacing damaged glass, read on to find out more.

Chicago Glass is a specialist in glass polishing and glass restoration with decades of experience undertaking repairs on construction sites.  We are recognised as one of the leaders in this field. We offer nationwide cover across construction sites in England, Wales and Scotland including all major cities.

Glass is susceptible to damage; even with preventative measures in place, it can be exposed to harmful contaminants during the construction process.  We recognise that if you are in a situation where you have damaged glass on your project, this can have an affect both on your budget and critical deadlines.  This is where we can help.

Chicago Glass was created to offer an alternative cost effective solution for those working in the construction sector.  Chicago Glass can work with you on your project, of any size, to restore, on-site and in-situ, the damaged glass to ensure it meets the exacting BSI standards for the appearance of installed glass.

We have a large team of glass polishing technicians that can be mobilised, even with very short notice, to meet your deadlines, including weekend and night works, along with being able to offer you a range of restoration services, from glass polishing to resin repairs.

If you would like to find out more about how we can work with you on your project to restore windows, curtain walling, walk on floors, balustrades and other types of glass panels that have been damaged from incorrect cleaning, grinder spatter, water run-off and contaminates from concrete and even impact damages like chips and shells then call our friendly team today.

All our technicians have undergone extensive in-house training upon starting with us, hold a CSCS card / Q-Card and as a Company we have undertaken construction glass repairs nationwide including 20 Fenchurch, Leadenhall Building and 3 Quays in London, Wapping Wharf in Bristol, Man Island in Liverpool and Glasgow City Campus. We also have the ability to work on international projects, please contact us to discuss this further.

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Chicago Glass - the glass restoration specialist, providing an alternative solution to replacement glass for the construction industry

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